4 Beautiful Gowns for Your 2022 Wedding

Well, we’re finally here: It’s 2022! And that means that many brides are already looking forward to what the new year means for their wedding.

As you browse through wedding dresses online, consider these five lovely wedding gowns! They’re all beautiful, but we’re sure your heart will settle on one more than the other.

Rachel Ann Bridal

You’ve got excellent taste if the ballgown style is what you’ve always looked for in a wedding dress!

You’ll look beautiful in these long and elegant gowns with beautiful detailing on the bodice and layers of pleated material underneath the skirt. That’s the classic ball-gown style, and it will always be in trend!

Rachel Ann Bridal

This style comes in many different colors and types of fabric and features a tighter fit in the bodice and then flows out into a full-length skirt that reaches to the floor. With the detailing of a ballgown it has a slimmer fit without all the crinoline underneath to make it full.

This dress is perfect if you want a snug, bodycon style while still looking bridal! Usually made from lace or satin, the mermaid wedding dress features an intricately designed bodice and a skirt that comes in many different lengths.

Rachel Ann Bridal

Perfect for an April or winter wedding, this lace mermaid gown with long sleeves is elegant and classic! Tight-fitting sleeves give way to a full skirt with a sheer fabric overlay.

So, what type of dress do you want for your upcoming 2022 wedding? And what accessories do you think will look great with the gown? Rachel Ann Bridal would love to help you make such important decisions.

We have every type of gown for every type of bride. Our collection, Alisa Alexander, offers beautiful gowns you won’t see anywhere else.

So, when you wear a gown from Rachel Ann Bridal, you know you’re wearing something no one else has; all the more reason why we believe our gowns make you, the bride, even more special on your big day. Click here to see our collection or here to contact us today.

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