Reasons to Shop at Your Local Bridal Store

Most women have been dreaming of their wedding dress ever since they were a little girl. It’s no surprise that by the time they reach the doors of the bridal gown store, they have some clue as to what they want to wear. Even when that’s not the case, there are many perks to shopping […]

Destination Wedding?

The fabulous destination wedding controversy has finally come to an end. I have a few pros to deciding to book a destination wedding. Pro’s such as, a limited guest list, all inclusive package with honeymoon benefits, and creating a more intimate ambiance. With pros, however, also comes cons. A few cons to booking a destination […]

Maintain Your Vision

Planning a wedding is a huge undertaking especially if you are on a tight budget. Having said that, the most important thing to focus on is the big picture. Take the time to elaborate your wedding vibe by creating goals and priorities. What is the first step you may ask? Take a little time to […]

A Week Before Your Big Day

It’s finally time. Everything has come together for your dream wedding day. It’s approximately seven days away. I am sure you are filled with worries about your last few tasks that need to get done but, a few things to remember is not to stress and to relax beforehand. Get plenty of beauty sleep and […]

Gifts For Him

As the Bride, you have gotten the gorgeous engagement ring and new title as “bride to be.” Everyone congratulates you and wants a whole slew of photos. One thing that can go unnoticed is possibly the Groom. Men haven’t been dreaming of their wedding day as little boys so their involvement tends to be subtle. […]

Dress Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

So you’re happily engaged and the first thing that you can’t wait to do is find your dream wedding dress. Such an exciting time of your life and a big decision. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the perfect dress shopping experience.  Bring only those who’s opinion you value most; your Mom or […]

Your Wedding Details

When planning your wedding there are so many details that stand out and make your big day as unique as you are. Consider incorporating you and your fiancé’s personal style into the cake and its flavor as well as other sweets at the table. I’ve noticed videographers offering drone services in addition to their usual […]

Wedding Trends for 2022

Even with a timeless or vintage Bride, there is a way to still stay on trend with your wedding years biggest trends. Trends help Brides with new ideas to incorporate into their event, enhance the guest experience, and create long lasting photos you will cherish. A few trends popping up for 2022 include food trucks […]

Your Wedding Timeline is Important

Unless you are in the wedding industry, you wouldn’t know how long it takes to get a wedding dress in, how far out you need to book a venue, and how close to the wedding day you need to have an alterations fitting. These timelines are extremely important when it comes to planning the perfect […]

Where to Spend Your Budget

Woman dream about their wedding day from a young age. The venue, the Groom, and of course, the dress. We dream about every detail being perfect but, at that young age we don’t consider how much the horse drawn carriage and the flock of doves cost. Without giving up the dream wedding, it is possible […]