Destination Wedding?

The fabulous destination wedding controversy has finally come to an end. I have a few pros to deciding to book a destination wedding. Pro’s such as, a limited guest list, all inclusive package with honeymoon benefits, and creating a more intimate ambiance. With pros, however, also comes cons. A few cons to booking a destination wedding include, planning a wedding from a distance, extra paper work or deposits to account for in the budget, a lot of trust is a must. Let’s dive right in.

Destination wedding in itself means the wedding is at a location that is not home or local; thus, people will have to travel. Whether it’s a hundred miles or overseas, adding travel will deter a few people from coming allowing for the guest list to be small or limited. The ambiance will be more intimate creating moments you can cherish with loved ones.  A smaller guest list also allows for more room in the budget as that will save you funds. 

Another added benefit of traveling for the wedding is you only have to travel once. You’re already at the honeymoon location so you can go back to the hotel after the wedding and wake up in paradise to enjoy being a newly married couple. Bask in that marital bliss with a package deal from your suite to save money as well. Many destination wedding venues offer such deals for the ease and comfort of the couple. 

Now having that intimate environment is lovely but, another way to look at it is a con. People you love may not be able to make it. Not everyone has the funds or ability to travel, especially internationally. Coming to terms with only celebrating your union of love with a select few will help make the planning process a lot less stressful. 

Deciding to have a destination wedding does come with a few cons. You will basically pick your venue sight unseen unless you have the availability and funds to travel there before purchasing the wedding package. You will be taking online reviews with a grain of salt and come to realize things might not be exactly as they appear in photos. Picking an aesthetically pleasing location may replace any need for decoration.  

You may be fully knowledgeable about the marriage laws in your area, however, you will be getting married in a completely different place. Make sure to research the laws and requirements for your destination. Another cost that applies is the shipping and customs fees for things such as decorations or wedding accessories. Be prepared to pay those added fees or allow for space in your suitcases. 

There is so much beauty and ease that can go into a destination wedding; between the intimate environment, the budget friendly packages, and the trimmed guest list. If creating a romantic and scenic wedding is your dream, pick a destination wedding, however, just keep in mind a few of the flaws. Trusting the online photos, booking from a distance, understanding the locations marital differences, and missing a few guest can deter you. Surprisingly, even with the cons, destination weddings have been seen more frequently among the bridal industry as of late. Would you consider a destination Wedding?