Your Wedding Timeline is Important

Unless you are in the wedding industry, you wouldn’t know how long it takes to get a wedding dress in, how far out you need to book a venue, and how close to the wedding day you need to have an alterations fitting. These timelines are extremely important when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day. Planning your wedding has a negative stereotype that it’s a stressful experience, however doing it the right way can make it enjoyable.


One of the most important aspects of the wedding day, especially for the Bride, is her wedding dress. Attire such as the Bridesmaids’ dresses and Groomsmen tuxes take a few weeks, but not many people know the wedding dress can take up to eight months to be ordered in. On top of the timeline for a wedding dress, alterations take about two months. So keeping that in mind, the perfect time to start dress shopping is ten months to a year in advance. Going any less than ten months can result in not being about to get your dream dress due to shipping times, a restricted shopping experience to only dresses off the rack, and overall disappointment.

Your boyfriend plans the perfect proposal on your anniversary that three years earlier, he asked you to be his girlfriend. Such a sentimental day with so many wonderful memories, so you already know what day you want to have your wedding day on. What you don’t know is thousands of other Brides also like that day. Venues get booked up immediately and that special day might not be an option if you wait to long. Touring a venue and booking should be about a year in advance. You want to snag that day as fast as possible. Claim it girl!!

So you have found your dream dress, you make the order, and get a shipping day of about eight months away. For those eight months you try your hardest to maintain your same body weight but, lets be honest, women fluctuate. Alterations are almost a must with every wedding dress and it’s very important to know the time frame for your fittings. They take a minimum of two months for simple alterations and can take longer with each modification. As soon as you purchase your dress, you need to find and call an alterations company. When you tell them your wedding day and the details about the dresses shipping time, they will suggest making the alterations appointment right then and there to reserve your slot on their schedule. Your very last fitting will be about two weeks before the big day so you are the closest to your big day weight and size. 

Getting a jump start on the correct time frame for important details will make wedding planning a lot less stressful. Important details such as ordering your dream wedding dress, booking the venue and securing your wedding date, and getting that perfect fit a few weeks before the big day with alterations. Falling in love was the easy part and planning the wedding is supposed to be easy as well. Let’s make it stress free together by first knowing the time line.