Gifts For Him

As the Bride, you have gotten the gorgeous engagement ring and new title as “bride to be.” Everyone congratulates you and wants a whole slew of photos. One thing that can go unnoticed is possibly the Groom. Men haven’t been dreaming of their wedding day as little boys so their involvement tends to be subtle. Lately, we have seen personalized Groom gifts from his true love, the Bride. Between custom wedding day suit jackets, sentimental vow custom wallet, and detail oriented groom cakes to surprise him and the guest at the wedding. 

As you consider renting a tux or purchasing a suit for the man at the alter waiting for you, look into the idea of a custom lining inside the jacket. We have seen photos of the loving couple, Star Wars, Harry Potter, or just a wickedly cool pattern. Adding that little detail inside the jacket can mean so much to the groom as well as the photographer as they can get tons of unique photos to show it off. 

A wedding only happens for one day, a gift can last a lifetime. A specific gift that men use every single day is a wallet. A personalized engraved wallet with perhaps a quote to reminisce over your love, a name or last name, or a family crest. You can customize it with the material, the color, and the style. Some men like trifold whereas others like a bifold. Each decision you make to personalize it makes it even more special to your awaiting husband to use every day. 

It’s no surprise the Bride picks her delicious and stunning wedding cake. Down to the filling, the color, and the height, the Bride has been pinning ideas on Pinterest. A fun and delicious way to surprise your loved one is with a groom’s cake. It can be a fishing cake, a Star Wars design, or even a military branch design if that suits his personal touches. Getting creative with his favorite cake flavor and surprising him at the wedding allowed the videographer and photographer the option to get his genuine reaction. 

Personalized gifts are such a romantic way to show your love and thoughtfulness. We have done the research to find a view options for the men. It’s no secret men are hard to shop for, especially for a wedding gift. Our favorites are a custom lining for their suit jacket, a personalized engraved wallet, or a delicious detailed grooms cake. The surprise of a gift from you is sure to make their day.