A Week Before Your Big Day

It’s finally time. Everything has come together for your dream wedding day. It’s approximately seven days away. I am sure you are filled with worries about your last few tasks that need to get done but, a few things to remember is not to stress and to relax beforehand. Get plenty of beauty sleep and work on getting all your ducks in a row.

An important detail to focus on is the dresses fitting. Schedule a day close to the wedding to have all the bridesmaids together and go over the looks. Make sure all dresses and shoes fit properly; especially the bridal gown. The alterations company should have an appointment close to the day to make last minute adjustments. Take this time as the bride to personally evaluate each bridal party member to get the exact cohesive look you are trying to achieve for your special day and photos.

As the focal point of the event, all eyes are on you. Taking the time to focus on yourself is crucial to the big day as it prevents under eye bags and settles the nerves. Put aside all the chaos and take a day to get a massage, pedicure, or spa. It can be as simple as a manicure and pedicure together or a full body couples massage. Many companies offer packages or deals for such events. It really helps take the stress of planning a wedding off your shoulders. 

A few days before the wedding, hopefully, means all the RSVP’s have sent in their response. At that time, it would be a good idea to set aside the time to count and calculate those numbers to call and coordinate the plans with the photographer, venue, caterer, as well as the D.J. It’s better to know the size of the party, especially if it’s over the estimated calculation, so the vendors can plan accordingly. Having enough food is an experience breaker for some guest. 

The day before the wedding as well as the day of the wedding make sure you are able to sleep in, get a good breakfast, enjoy some fresh air. Avoid the sun and it’s inevitable sunburn. If you are getting a spray tan, it’s a good rule of thumb to get it a week before and wash it a few times to avoid looking orange or uneven. Another rule of thumb is to avoid foods more commonly associated with food poisoning. Drink an abundance of water to help clear your skin and moisturize your hair and nails. The hair and makeup team will compliment you on that detail. A few rules of thumbs for the men, get their beard growth schedule in line to the big day. Most men know how many days it takes to achieve the look they want as well as their haircuts. Dad might want a fresh haircut as well as a clean shave for the day; however, the best man might want a stubble. Making sure their suits fit is only one aspect of their look. Plan a day to double check all their looks to ensure a cohesive outcome.

As stressful as planning a wedding can be, as the day approaches there are a few things you can do to ensure it goes smoothly. Planning a double check day for the bridal party will give you peace of mind on that day. Scheduling a couples massage is not only a bonding moment but also, helps relieve stress and prevent under eye bags. Counting each rsvp for the vendors and calibrating the plans accordingly will help all aspects of the wedding run smoother. Remember, this is the happiest time of your life. Marriage is exciting and the wedding is just the beginning.