Your Wedding Details

When planning your wedding there are so many details that stand out and make your big day as unique as you are. Consider incorporating you and your fiancé’s personal style into the cake and its flavor as well as other sweets at the table. I’ve noticed videographers offering drone services in addition to their usual packages. Whether you want pink or blue flowers, some are only in season once a year, so determining the style that coordinates with your wedding date is crucial. There is an endless supply of details you can personalize at your wedding. 

The cake cutting ceremony is such an intimate moment for any couple. Either your are a couple who eats with elegance, or a couple who can’t wait to shove that cake in your soulmates face. Regardless, the cake is a representation of your wedding style. The look and flavor of your cake should match your wedding day. A few options include classic, rustic, or glam. A classic black tie wedding fits a clean cut cake with precise line work and details. If you’re having a rustic, romantic wedding, think about adding brown tones or a lace pattern. For the ultimate glam wedding there are many edible glitter and jewels available. Aside from the cake, desserts are timeless and creative. Consider a doughnut station or cookie jars if your vibe is more fun and flirty. 

A new trend we noticed becoming more and more popular is the drone aerial video. A few videographers have already started incorporating the drone view into their package but if not you should definitely ask. There is a whole new level of quality and elegance that can be captured with a drone. Whether it’s during the ceremony or capturing the bridal party enjoying their time taking photos, the drone is a detail we are thriving for. The venue you choose might have restrictions as well as the surrounding residence so be sure to ask the follow up questions with the drone package. All these details you personalize can last a life time in your wedding video as well as the aerial photos. 

Each and every flower is unique and has an intricate design. There might be a specific flower you loved as a child or envisioned for your wedding day. If that’s the case, than it would be a good idea to call your local florist to get a list of floral seasons. That way it could help determine your wedding date or plan the floral arrangements with ease. It’s very common to have the centerpiece of each table incorporate flowers as well. Keep in mind those arrangements shouldn’t get in the way of conversation. There are many petite flowers to consider for details like centerpieces, boutonnières, and hair pieces. If you have a picture of your wedding dress, color swatches for bridesmaids, or a detailed description of how you want the wedding to feel, it would be a good idea to bring those to the floral appointment. 

Each wedding is different and showcases the couple’s unique style to the world as they join as one. A few services exist that can help bring out that style such as a drone aerial video from your videographer. The package can include capturing the entire venue or wedding dress with a 360 drone view. If you and your fiancé’s favorite flavor is carrot cake, share that detail with the guest with carrot cake flavored wedding cake. Maybe you two met at a doughnut shop, so incorporate a doughnut table with mini options for the kids as well. Another detail we love to see personalized is the flower arrangements. Putting your favorite flower in your loved ones boutonnière or hair piece adds that little touch of personality. Sprinkling the bridal colors around the venue with flowers embracing the vibe and couple getting married. Each wedding is completely different as you two are completely different from every other couple. Create a wedding that just speaks you.