Wedding Trends for 2022

Even with a timeless or vintage Bride, there is a way to still stay on trend with your wedding years biggest trends. Trends help Brides with new ideas to incorporate into their event, enhance the guest experience, and create long lasting photos you will cherish. A few trends popping up for 2022 include food trucks to entertain the guest during the couple and wedding parties photo shoot, creating sensational photos with ombré bridesmaids dresses, and resin keepsake gifts for each guest.

Whether you decide to take photos before or after the ceremony, the wait for your guests could be more scrumptious with a food truck. We have seen taco trucks, ice cream trucks, and petit four booths. Although the wedding is for the bride and groom, the guest have a a huge impact on the decisions you make. Adding a food truck for your guest to enjoy as they wait for the festivities and celebrations to began can really enhance their experience. 

Your wedding photos will last forever and document one of the most important days of your life. A few photographic trends we adore is ombré bridesmaid dresses. Intertwining multiple shades of your favorite color can not only make your photos look sensational but also, allow for more play room with the decorations and details. Imagining the linens as a dusty blue with gold plates and the groomsmen wearing more of a dark blue with gold accents. That creates a larger spectrum for the florist to intricate both dark blue, dusty blue as well as other shades of blue into the floral designs. Ombré colors in the wedding design allow for creative freedom. 

You get to look at your dress, bouquet and pictures for a lifetime but, what about your family and friends who came together to celebrate your epic love story. A growing trend is the keepsake for each and every guest. Whether it’s a little knick knack, a key chain, or a personalized gift. We are loving the little details, especially if a guest isn’t able to attend the wedding. That personalized gift can connect them from a distance. 

Trends are just one of the ways to discover new ideas, have a modern vibe, and get passionate about planning your big day. We’re obsessing over these new trends for 2022. Entertaining the guest with a food truck during the bridal party photo shoot can really enhance their enjoyment until the happy couple can rejoin the party. Adding more color options to the bridesmaids dresses can allow for more creative freedom with the decor and make for some fabulous wedding photos. I mean, who doesn’t love a good ombré. Last but not least, creating a resin name plate, or keychain to give each guest to help remember such a special day.