3 Reasons to Choose a Cathedral Veil

Picture this – you’ve tried on a few dresses now but, none that have been the one. Your consultant pulls one more and just like that, you have found your dream dress. The neckline, the beading, the figure is all perfect. Once all the excitement settles, you look back and realize the train is a little lack luster. 

Wanting that extravagant lace train look, you ask your consultant for help. She smiles and adds a matching cathedral veil with scallop edges, shimmer tulle, and beading. Just like that, you create the perfect train to follow in your foot steps down the aisle.

Adding length to a train is just one of the many reasons to consider a cathedral veil. A few other key features to a cathedral veil include creating unique and memorable photos, creating a train that is removable for the reception, and enhancing the train of your beautiful wedding dress.

Wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of a wedding as that moment can’t be recreated. Ensuring you love your photos for all time, adding a cathedral veil can help create fun and unique photos to cherish. Photos such as the veil cascading down the stairs, having the veil over the couple kissing in front of a sunset,  or the maid of honor throwing the veil into the air as the groom dips the bride. All of these can be easily accomplished with a stunning cathedral length veil. 

Rachel Ann Bridal

Some common knowledge about weddings is the bride removing her veil after the ceremony and the photos. The option to have the look of a long detailed train that can be removed for some fun at the reception is becoming more and more popular. Brides are trading in a bustled train on their wedding dress to a dress with no train and a cathedral veil. It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to the complimentary look and the practicality all in one. 

Some of our favorite wedding dresses are those with satin, crepe, or mikado material. These simple yet elegant looks are the perfect opportunity to add a lace, glitter, or beaded cathedral veil with that little pop of sparkle. The design of the veil allows the lace to flow right at the edge of the cathedral train of a simple dress.

Rachel Ann Bridal

Watch as the veil effortlessly gathers behind you down the aisle creating speechless guest. Make sure to ask us about adding a cathedral veil to your perfect wedding dress.

With Rachel Ann Bridal, it goes far beyond a customer-client relationship. Our brides are not just acquaintances; we forge a friendship and understand how that your wedding day is as important to you as it is to us.