Where to Spend Your Budget

Woman dream about their wedding day from a young age. The venue, the Groom, and of course, the dress. We dream about every detail being perfect but, at that young age we don’t consider how much the horse drawn carriage and the flock of doves cost. Without giving up the dream wedding, it is possible to save funds and put money where it really matters. Over the years, I’ve learned a few things you most definitely don’t want to cheap out on when it comes to your perfect wedding day.

When you think of a wedding most women think about a few big key factors such as a dress, a venue, and bridal colors. Having a good videographer and photographer might slip your mind but, could be one of the most important details. Every photo you will get back will have you in your wedding dress so make sure it’s your dream dress. All the factors that go into a wedding can pile high and the day might not feel enjoyable but instead, like work. Having a day of coordinator would really allow the guest and yourself to enjoy this wonderful day.

In almost every photo you will be wearing your wedding dress. Keep that in mind when discussing a gown budget; it could alter the entire day. Photos of a confident and happy Bride in her wedding dress look much different than a Bride who’s settling or insecure in her dress. Spending that little extra on the dress of your dreams will pay off in the long run when twenty years down the road you are still in love with your look.

After the night is over, all the food is gone, the flowers have wilted and you are off to the airport for your honeymoon, the only thing you will have left to remember your wedding day is the pictures and videos. Hiring a good photographer that not only knows what good pictures to take but, also edits the way you envision your photos to look is extremely important. These photos and videos will become pictures in your home, photos you show your children, and the only way you will remember that your aunt broke her stiletto heel on the dance floor. Spending money on this wedding day factor will pay off in the long run.

I absolutely love the ten questions for the Bride and Groom game or the toast from the Bride’s father. Take those and throw in a cake cutting, garter toss, and first dance; you’ve now made the day a full time job. A wedding is supposed to be enjoyable especially for the Bride, Groom and bridal party. Hiring a wedding day coordinator can save you all the hassle of making sure everything goes perfectly yourself. If you aren’t keeping tracking of the time schedule, then your maid of honor most likely is and that means the two of you are not enjoying your time together. Investing the funds into an event coordinator can turn the day from “I can’t wait for it to be over” to the Bride and Groom wishing it never ends. 

There are many ways to save money on your wedding day but, those are just a few things I would not cheap out on. Putting that budget more towards the photographer, videographer, dress, and coordinator could make or break your dream wedding.