Why You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

Why You Need an Emergency Kit for Your Wedding Day

You must carefully plan and prepare for your wedding, and an emergency kit should be a part of that plan. An emergency kit has extra jewelry and earrings in case anybody loses theirs. There’s also baby powder and white chalk in the kit to help remove or cover up stains; several things in there can help save the day should minor issues arise.

But be aware that an emergency kit is different from a first aid box. Listed below are why we believe an emergency kit is necessary for your wedding.

You may need some ‘just in case’ items to quickly address minor wedding day issues. Is your makeup smudged? Repaint it. Got a headache? Take an Advil. Is your eyelash not sticking in place? Get a DUO. Are things getting humid around you? Use antiperspirant. Do you have any stains on you? You have wipes, white chalk, and a mini sewing kit to help.

From the little tube of lipstick to flip-flops for dancing, a wedding emergency kit can be a real lifesaver when you least expect it to be. Here are a few items that should be in your emergency kit

Health and hygiene issues can spring up at your wedding. The bride or bridesmaids, in particular, are susceptible to low blood sugar, fatigue, blisters, cuts and scrapes, and upset stomach. So, take an Advil, just in case.

You may also use nail polish to fill any holes or cracks, as well as to keep you looking great in photographs. Any damaged shoes, jewelry, or other accessories require super glue.

Carry other items in your emergency kit if you wish, but the most important thing is you don’t forget to bring the kit itself to your wedding. If you’re still unsure of what else should be in the kit, a professional wedding planner can ensure you’ve packed all the necessities.

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