Reasons to Shop at Your Local Bridal Store

Most women have been dreaming of their wedding dress ever since they were a little girl. It’s no surprise that by the time they reach the doors of the bridal gown store, they have some clue as to what they want to wear. Even when that’s not the case, there are many perks to shopping at your locally owned bridal boutique. Not only are you most likely supporting a woman owned small business but, you are also getting the dream experience and knowledge of trained experts. Each Bride is different and each wedding dress has its own shine, therefore, it’s the locally owned boutique that goes above and beyond to make sure all the stress is resolved and your vision comes to light. 

Typically, local salons have the largest selection of designers, styles, colors, and sizes. You will get a trained consultant who is knowledgeable about the entire stores selection, as well as, the designers direct communication. They can evaluate every detail you wish to include and help select gowns accordingly. They can also point out things to help the bride make the most of her decision. No one likes buyers remorse, especially in the wedding industry. 

Owners, Rachel and Ali, with the models of their Alisa Alexander Collection Photo Shoot

There are a few exceptions to the rule but, most wedding gown boutiques are owned and operated by woman. Woman who have studied the latest trends, trained with experts, and know the ins and outs of the wedding industry. Many negatives to a corporately owned company is the clear cut rules and policies. When you shop a local boutique, you most likely are with or meeting the owner and sharing your story. There is a warm feeling when you know you’re supporting someone’s dream and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Moments of a personalized experience making friends along the way.

It’s no surprise the internet has grown to an immeasurable size. The wedding industry is seeing more and more counterfeit ideas pop up every day. Shopping a local store means you can physically put your hands on the gown as well as see how it fits your body. Truthfully, online horror stories have ruined many weddings and Brides are forced to find anything white to wear for their special day. It breaks our hearts to see a beautiful Bride completely shattered by an online gown purchase gone south. It’s also a good idea to trust the bridal store on who to use and not to use for alterations, as they have probably tried everyone available.

Overall, shopping at your local bridal store has many benefits. Whether you are an older generation or a young Bride, the boutiques experts can help you find exactly what you are looking for and make your experience that much more special. We support women by supporting and encouraging each other in the wedding industry so, shopping your locally owned bridal boutique can make the difference for someone’s dream. They have put in the work to become knowledgeable in everything wedding dress and it really pays off to use an expert.