Dress Shopping Do’s and Don’ts

So you’re happily engaged and the first thing that you can’t wait to do is find your dream wedding dress. Such an exciting time of your life and a big decision. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the perfect dress shopping experience. 

  1. Bring only those who’s opinion you value most; your Mom or Sister, Maid of Honor, Mother in Law, or Grandma. Having too many opinions, especially different opinions, can cloud your view of many dresses and possibly your dream dress. Consider being the first to express your opinion as you present each dress to your entourage. 
  1. If you plan on wearing undergarments, such as Spanx, wear them to your appointment to try on the dresses so you can get an accurate view of how the dress would look on the big day. 
  2. Trying on wedding dresses most likely means wearing white, nude or blush colored undergarments. As boutiques require undergarments to try anything on, wearing white, nude, or blush underwear is a smart idea. It helps to visualize the dress without a colored bra or panty line. 
  3. Trust your consultant to help the appointment go smoothly. The knowledge of your bridal consultant can help you make a decision you truly love. They know their inventory, the right questions to ask, as well as the shipping and alterations. If you’re not feeling the vibe with your consultant, you can ask for more assistance as most boutiques have multiple knowledgeable consultants.
  1. Be honest about your budget, whether you go too low or too high, not being honest about the budget can derail an experience. Going too low means the consultant isn’t showing you all of your options. Going too high means the consultant is showing you options out of your budget that could confuse you and add stress. 

The bridal experience is such a treasured memory and we try our hardest to make it as enjoyable as possible. Keeping these few things in mind can bring that memory from sweet to fabulous.